A biography of dmitri shostakovich a russian composer and pianist

He was known for his ability to juxtapose numerous musical styles. The Symphony ranks alongside the Fifth and Seventh as one of his most popular works. Stravinsky wrote of Lady Macbeth: It is certainly true that Shostakovich borrows extensively from the material and styles both of earlier composers and of popular music ; the vulgarity of "low" music is a notable influence on this "greatest of eclectics".

On the other, his son recalled that the event reduced Shostakovich to tears, [54] and he later told his wife Irina that he had been blackmailed.

The symphonies are distributed fairly evenly throughout his career, while the quartets are concentrated towards the latter part. Surely, she prolonged his life by several years. The composer was well into the work when the fatal articles appeared.

Although the slightly wacky Piano Concerto No. Or the Symphony No. A postage stamp of 6 kopecks, bearing his photograph and an excerpt from the Leningrad Symphony, was issued by the Soviet Post Office in to commemorate his 70th birthday.

The future looked rosy for the young genius. The siege of Leningrad was so impenetrable that by December of that year an average of to residents a day were dying of starvation, disease, shellfire, bombardment and a variety of other causes.

The anti-Shostakovich campaign also served as a signal to artists working in other fields, including art, architecture, the theatre and cinema, with the writer Mikhail Bulgakovthe director Sergei Eisensteinand the theatre director Vsevolod Meyerhold among the prominent targets.

Dmitri Shostakovich

He taught Ustvolskaya from to The legendary performance was broadcast live from the Radio Hall in Leningrad, so millions of civilians and defenders of the besieged city were able to hear the powerful music.

A Life Remembered edition indexes 26 references to his nervousness. With his Symphony No.

Dmitry Shostakovich

He survived the first bombardments and joined the "night watch" patrol, helping to put out fires during massive German air bombardments. The composer sent the conductor and the musicians who performed his work in the besieged city a telegram with words of gratitude.

Young Shostakovich studied piano under his mother tutelage and at a private school in St. But both the staging and the music ran counter to growing Soviet puritanism; a symphonic interlude portmying a scene of adultery behind the bedroom curtain, orchestrated with suggestive passages on the slide trombones, shocked the Soviet officials present at the performance by its bold naturalism.

In he won an "honorable mention diploma" at the 1st International Piano Competition in Warsaw. A number of his friends and colleagues, such as Isaak Glikman, have suggested that it was in fact an official ban which Shostakovich was persuaded to present as a voluntary withdrawal.

He initially wrote eight songs that were meant to represent the hardships of being Jewish in the Soviet Union. Of frail physique, he suffered from malnutrition; Glazunov, the director of the Petrograd Conservatory, appealed personally to the Commissar of Education, Lunacharsky, to grant an increased food ration for Shostakovich, essential for his physical survival.Was Dmitri Shostakovich a stunningly original composer whose music carries the scars of political intervention, or a devoted Soviet citizen who enshrined the glory of Mother Russia in his symphonies?

Whichever way you look at it, there’s certainly no sitting on the fence Shostakovich was the.

Dmitri Shostakovich: A Life

He was born Dmitri Dmitrievich Shostakovich on September 25,in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was the second of three children of Dmitri Boleslavovich Shostakovich, a chemical engineer, and Sofia Kokaoulina, a pianist.

Dmitri Shostakovich (Composer, Piano) Born: September 25, - Saint Petersburg, Russia Died: August 9, - Moscow, Russia Dmitri [Dmitry] (Dmitrievich) Shostakovich was a preeminent Russian composer of the Soviet generation, whose style and idiom of composition largely defined the nature of new Russian music, father of Maxim Shostakovich.

Dmitry Shostakovich was a Russian composer, best known for his symphonies and string quartets. Explore this biography to know more about his childhood, life and mi-centre.com Of Birth: Saint Petersburg.

Dmitry Shostakovich was a Russian composer, renowned particularly for his 15 symphonies, numerous chamber works, and concerti. Synopsis Dmitry Shostakovich was a Russian composer, renowned for his 15 symphonies, numerous chamber works, and concerti, many written under the pressures of government-imposed standards of Soviet mi-centre.com: Sep 25, Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich (Russian: Дми́трий Дми́триевич Шостако́вич (help · info), tr.

Dmitriy Dmitrievich Shostakovich, pronounced [ˈdmʲitrʲɪj ˈdmʲitrʲɪjɪvʲɪtɕ ʂəstɐˈkovʲɪtɕ]; 25 September [O.S. 12 September] – 9 August ) was a Russian composer and pianist.

He is regarded as one of the major composers of the 20th century.

A biography of dmitri shostakovich a russian composer and pianist
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