An essay on endocrine and nervous system

Iodine is required by the thyroid gland to make thyroxine hormone. The pituitary gland secretes a number of hormones. The units which make up the nervous system are called nerve cells or neurons. At synapses with a chemical mechanism of transferring the synaptic delay is from 0,5 to a few milliseconds.

Different endocrine glands make different types of hormones which act on different organs of our body. If, due to some reason, pancreas does not produce and secrete sufficient amount of insulin into blood, then the sugar level in the blood rises. In this paper it is necessary to consider nervous and endocrine systems and their interaction.

There are many other problems that revolve around the endocrine system such as Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, and Cushing syndrome. This can be explained as follows: Made of secretary cells or glands 2.

The high sugar level in the blood can cause many harmful effects to the body of a person. The endocrine system has three basic functions, regulate metabolic functions of the body, regulate rate of chemical reactions in various cells, and to influence the ability of substances to transport themselves through cell membranes.

For example, growth hormone controls the development of bones and muscles. The flow of neurotransmitter molecules simultaneously influence on a small part of the neuron, where are focused postsynaptic receptors — specialized proteins that convert the signal from the chemical form to electric.

The ovaries also make the female gametes called ova or eggs. Malfunctions in the endocrine system also result in diabetes type 1 and 2.

The Endocrine System

The endocrine system is also called hormonal system. This causes membrane depolarization and excitation of the next neuron. Iodine is necessary for the making of thyroxine hormone by thyroid gland, therefore, a deficiency of iodine in the diet can cause a deficiency of thyroxine hormone in the body.

There are many things that can go wrong with the endocrine system. There is an extremely small, microscopic gap between the end of the axon of neuron A and the dendrite of the next neuron B which is called a synapse We will now explain how the electrical impulse travels through the gap synapse between the two neurons.

Neurons are of three types: People are advised to use iodised salt for cooking food so as to prevent goitre disease. The rapid output of energy thus caused helps us to cope with these extreme emotional situations.

The special proteins act as carriers that control the amount of hormone that is available to interact with and affect the target cells. The endocrine glands present in the human body are: The neurons carry messages in the form of electrical signals called electrical impulses or nerve impulses.

The endocrine system works in the following way, a hormone is secreted, it travels from the endocrine gland through the bloodstream to the target cells.

Short essay on The Endocrine System

For example, as soon as we put food in our mouth, it immediately causes the release of saliva from the salivary glands. The basis of all regulation is the main supreme endocrine gland — the pituitary gland. The function of testosterone hormone is to control the development of male sex organs and male features such as deeper voice, moustache, beard, and more body hair than females.

The complete coordination in the human body is achieved by the nervous system and endocrine system working together. The messages which the neurons transmit in the nervous system are in the form of electrical impulses called nerve impulses or just impulses. We will now take the example of adrenal glands to show how the endocrine system or hormonal system coordinates our body activities.

At synapses with electrotonic transmission Pic. Any two neurons in the nervous system do not join to one another completely.The endocrine system serves to communicate with a broader group of cells, more gradually and more long-term, than the other primary communication system of.

Free essay on The Endocrine System available totally free at, the largest free essay community. An overview of the nervous and endocrine systems, their functions and how together they regulate homeostasis. The endocrine system is the internal system of the body that deals with chemical communication by means of hormones, the ductless glands that secrete the hormones, and those target cells that respond to hormones.

This essay seeks to compare and contrast the nervous system and the endocrine system. However in order to do so, the nervous system and the endocrine system must be defined. 4/4(6). May 05,  · Endocrine System Essay.

The nervous and endocrine system Essay

Systems Thinking. Words | 11 Pages. Nervous System to Endocrine System The Endocrine System carries hormones into the blood and other body fluids. These chemicals are most important for our growth, responses to stress, metabolism and water and mineral balance.

A group of endocrine glands which produces various hormones is called an endocrine system. The endocrine system is also called hormonal system. We will now discuss the endocrine system in humans in detail.

Short essay on Human Nervous System

In addition to nervous system, the endocrine system also helps in coordinating the activities.

An essay on endocrine and nervous system
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