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But the small trace of sulphur-di-oxide makes it little difficult to measure the magnitude of the chemical reaction, accurately. Water will absorb the oxides of Nitrogen to a larger extent. So, all the above factors contribute for the increased backpressure of the system, the system has to be so designed or constructed to reduce the above increase of pressure to its original intended value or original designed value of the engine exhaust system.

CONCLUSION The aqua silencer is more effective in the reduction of emission gases from the engine exhaust using perforated tube, lime water and charcoal by using perforated tube the back Aqua silencer will remain constant and the sound level is reduced.

Air pollution can be defined as addition to our atmosphere Aqua silencer any material, which will have a dexterous effect on life upon our planet.

It can be also used both for two wheelers and four wheelers and also can be used in industries. This mainly because of small sprockets in water molecules, which lowers its amplitude thus, lowers the sound level. This is absolutely essential in order to maintain the back pressure within safe limits, so that the engine can be kept at the optimum operating level.

Also a filler plug is mounted at the top of the container. So, it is implied that the introduction of any system reduces the toxic property of the exhaust gas, shall not result in any effects in the opposite direction. Following chemical reactions takes place in aqua silencer: The very purpose of providing different diameter hole is to break up gas mass to form smaller gas Aqua silencer the perforated tube of different diameter.

This could be in principle, accomplished by so many ways. The whole unit is then placed in a water container. The limestones are originally intended to reduce the toxic ingredients of the exhaust, gas through chemical reaction. It is evidently affected the flow of resistance and hence the combustion characteristics of the engine will finally contribute the increased toxic ingredients of the exhaust gas.

Due to the high temperature, the exhaust gas is let out from the engine, some of the water particles which come in contact, readily changes its phase from liquid state to gaseous state i.

The highly dangerous carbon monoxide is not such a menace in diesel exhaust, as it does not exceed 0. This principle against the purpose of introducing any system whose sole object is reducing the very toxic property of the exhaust gas. Because of the small percentage and SO2 presence, the liberation of Carbon dioxide is very less.

In any case, the outlet from the engine shall be kept below the water level in the scrubber tank for that the gas will pass through the water. The noise and smoke level is considerable less than the conventional silencer, it is cheaper, no need of catalytic converter and easy to install.

After passing over the charcoal layer some of the gases may dissolved into the water and finally the Exhaust gases escape through the opening in to the atmosphere.

The following chemical reaction will enhance the proof, for the above statement. The pressure of the exhaust gas depends upon so many factors viz. The bell-mouth solution, while reducing the back pressure. While, constant research is going on to reduce the toxic content of diesel exhaust, the diesel power packs find the ever increasing applications and demand.

For measuring the contents of the exhaust gas, provisions are made to take samples between engine outlet and scrubber inlet and after the scrubber outlet before the gases are let out to the atmosphere.

The other end of the perforated tube is closed by plug. By using perforated tube the fuel consumption remains same as conventional system by using water as a medium the sound can be lowered and also by using activated charcoal in water we can control the exhaust emission to a greater level.

The exhaust gas has to pass through the water, which is filled in the scrubber tank. The baffles, which are provided to deflect the exhaust gases, also offer resistance to the flow and in turn increase the back, pressure. The following equation gives the chemical reaction and calcium sulphite will precipitate.

At the inlet of the exhaust pipe a non-return valve is provided which prevents the back flow of gases and water as well. This may create chances to increase the backpressure.

Considering the available fuel resources and the present technological development, Diesel fuel is evidently indispensable.

Around the circumference of the perforated tube a layer of activated charcoal is provided and further a metallic mesh covers it. An Aqua Silencer is an attempt, in this direction, it is mainly dealing with control of emission and noise.

Hence aqua silencer reduces noise and pollution. II Chemical Reaction 3 When the carbon-di-oxide present in the exhaust gas comes in contact with the limewater, calcium carbonate will precipitate.

Because of the introduction of the scrubber, the net length of the exhaust gas flow path is also increased which is again against the original intention.An aqua silencer is an attempt in this direction, it is mainly dealing with control of emission and noise. An aqua silencer is fitted to the exhaust pipe of engine.


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SYNOPSIS Diesel power invitably finds a very important role in the development of the plant’s economy and technical growth.

Inspite of their high thermal efficiency, one cannot ignore the fact about the effect of their exhaust, in the atmosphere. It is a wellknown fact that the toxic gases emitted in diesel engines are less 1/5(1).

The aqua silencer is more effective in the reduction of emission gases from the engine exhaust using perforated tube and charcoal, By using perforated tube the backpressure will remain constant and the sound level is reduced. By using perforated tube the fuel.

An aqua silencer System is designed to replace conventional single unit engine silencers on board structures. With it’s light weight and slender design, it offers a minimal 'footprint' while optimizing the entire exhaust system for low noise and reduced.

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Aqua silencer
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