China trade barrier and its possible influence on global economy

Before exporting or importing to other countries, firstly, they must be aware of restrictions that the government imposes on the trade. As use of online sales spreads, as is occurring rapidly in China, international retail sales are likely to expand on the assumption that shipping constraints will ease.

Due to steadily decreasing tariff barriers since WWII, countries have become increasingly likely to enact trade barriers in the form of non-tariff barriers.

Neighbours with integrated supply chains such as Japan and South Korea are deeply affected, Germany is most at risk in Europe as a producer of capital goods to China and commodity specialists such as Australia also stand in the firing line. Subsequently, they need to make sure that they are not violating the restrictions by checking related regulations on tax or duty, and finally they probably need a license in order to ensure a smooth export or import business and reduce the risk of penalty or violation.

To some extent, then, the impact of the Great Firewall on international e-commerce and trade is a gray area, and assertions supporting or rejecting the idea that the firewall is a trade barrier must be bolstered with concrete economic and regulatory study.

The average tariff was higher for agricultural products at Examples of free trade areas[ edit ]. Locke responded that is the standard policy for all U.

But as taught everyone, once confidence disappears, the effect on the global economy can be massive — potentially bringing down companies, banks, markets and the financial system.

E-commerce issues analyzed by the WTO include discussion of IT goods, internet infrastructure services, electronically traded services, and digital products, and not online international sales per se.

A currency war still seems some distance away. The Ministry China trade barrier and its possible influence on global economy Commerce MOFCOM together with other related State Council departments are responsible for formulating, amending and publishing a catalogue of mechanical and electronic products the imports of which are subject to restriction or prohibition, thereby exercising quota and licensing control on the restricted products.

Trade barriers are mostly a combination of conformity and per-shipment requirements requested abroad, and weak inspection or certification procedures at home. China has gradually liberalised its foreign trading system.

Weakness in oil and other commodity prices has pushed Russia and Brazil into deep recessions and hit the finances of Gulf states.

The Commitment to Development Index measures the effect that rich country trade policies actually have on the developing world. Maury Obstfeld, the IMF chief economist, says he is most worried about these knock-on effects in Overview[ edit ] High income countries tend to have less trade barriers than middle income countries which, in turn, tend to have less trade barriers than low income countries.

At present, international online sales account for only a small percentage of total online sales. Because rich-country players call most of the shots and set trade policies, goods such as crops that developing countries are best at producing still face high barriers.

To import mechanical and electronic products subject to automatic import licensing, the import unit should apply to MOFCOM or its authorised agencies for an Automatic Import Licence before completing the customs formalities.

Pelc note that modern trade deals are long and complex because they often tackle non-tariff barriers to tradesuch as different standards and regulations, in addition to tariffs. Catalogues of products requiring CCC mark have been drawn up and promulgated through public notice.

More recently, a Chinese journalist at a recent World Economic Forum in Dalian asked Locke if he flies economy class because the United States owes China so much money. Until that time, this controversial area should be made a point of study, both by the Office of the US Trade Representative, and by the World Trade Organization.

Safety licence and other regulatory requirements apply to imports of medicines, foodstuffs, animal and plant products, and mechanical and electronic products. Tariffs also tend to be anti-poor, with low rates for raw commodities and high rates for labor-intensive processed goods.

The Customs is the authority to interpret the customs tariff, to decide tariff classifications and to assess the duty paying values of goods entering the customs border. The public health administration of the State Council has also established regulations governing the use of GM food and food ingredients in food manufacturing to ensure good quality and safety.

Copyright The Financial Times Limited Quota and licensing control Quota and licensing requirements have been removed on the majority of imports starting fromand only a limited number of products are now subject to import licensing control.

Import Goods Clearance Slips and Export Goods Clearance Slips stamped with the special seal of inspection and quarantine authorities are issued to goods subject to entry-exit inspection and quarantine. Outright blocking of websites appears to have worsened over the past year, with 8 of the top 25 most trafficked global sites now blocked in China.

FromChina began to implement business tax to VAT conversion pilot programme. Reduced import tariff rates may be applied to certain commodities imported from FTA countries into China. Oil producers lose, but consumers, including those in China itself, gain from the equivalent of a tax cut.

Click for detailed information provided by China Certification and Accreditation Administration on quality standards. China has a complex system of governing the standards and hygienic conditions of food and agricultural products, wines and cosmetics imported into the mainland.

The dutiable value of an imported good is its CIF value, which includes the normal transaction price of goods, plus the cost of packing, freight, insurance and commission.

He listed areas where he thinks the Chinese government has what he called counterproductive policies. The impact of trade barriers on companies and countries is highly uneven.Most trade barriers work on the same principle: the imposition of some sort of cost (money, time, bureaucracy, quota) on trade that raises the price orcavailability of the traded products.

If two or more nations repeatedly use trade barriers against each other, then a trade war results. China became a World Trade Organization (WTO) Member on 11 December and China has continued to reduce administrative barriers to trade. China has gradually liberalised its foreign trading system.

Trade barrier

He added the biggest barrier to greater U.S.-China economic cooperation is a lack of openness in many areas of the Chinese economy. He listed areas where he thinks the Chinese government has what. The accession of China to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in has further improve its economy through the integration into the world economy and furthermore into the globalization.

As the result becoming part of WTO members they are entitled to provide non-discriminatory treatment to all other members and all foreign individuals.

Mar 18,  · Protectionist measures may also sharply worsen the collapse of global trade, which the World Bank said is facing its steepest decline in 80 years as global demand dries up.

Is China’s Great Firewall a Trade Barrier?

China is the world's largest also has the world's biggest population. It must divide its production between almost billion residents.

A common way to measure standard of living is gross domestic product per capita.

US Urges China to Lower Trade Barriers

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China trade barrier and its possible influence on global economy
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