Difference between the movie of mice and men and the book of mice and men essay

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All important information could be communicated to the theater audience by what the characters say to one another, so the work of adaptation would be easy for Steinbeck and his collaborator George Kaufman.

Curley obviously has a big inferiority complex, which makes it seem plausible that he would choose to marry such a young girl and that he would have such a hard time relating with her. It is an excellent adaptation but might not be as appealing to a modern audience as the version with Gary Sinise and John Malkovich.

I assume you are referring to the adaptation starring John Malkovich. The ending of that chapter when Curley, Carlson and Slim show up after George has shot Lennie is also gone.

There are, however, some differences and things that are left out. Both the adaptation starring Lon Chaney Jr.

The book mentions horses but only represents them by sounds of stamping hooves and jingling harnesses. The novella is easy to adapt to stage or screen because Steinbeck planned it that way. A major scene which is left out is the beginning of chapter six when Lennie is talking to the imaginary rabbit and his dead Aunt Clara.

The major difference between this movie and the novel is that the filmmakers "opened up" the play by showing the vast fields of California with the men and horses working in the sun. However, it takes after the original story in many ways; there is even dialogue that remains unchanged.

And the meanness and the plannings and the discontent an the ache for attention were all gone from her face. Obviously, this scene may have proved difficult to film.

In the novella several of the characters, including George, refer to the girl with such terms as "the kid" and "jailbait. The setting too is very realistic. John Malkovich as Lennie and Ray Walston as Candy are particularly excellent and embody all of the characteristics of those men.

The bunkhouse too is a good replica down to the card table and "tin-shaded electric light. She was very pretty and simple, and her face was sweet and young.

For that reason, I will focus on the version. All the settings are indoors except for the opening scene at a riverside campsite and the closing scene at the same place. It seems obvious that Steinbeck was thinking about making it easy to adapt the story for the stage while writing the novella.

There is an unusual amount of dialogue and little prose exposition. The plot is basically the same and the most important scenes, the opening scene The dreams of glory she expresses to Lennie are those of an immature girl, not a grown woman married to a rancher. The film version of the novella makes up for the absence of the panoramic outdoor scenes which seem to be called for in a story about farm workers.

Although the movie was not filmed in the Salinas Valley, it was filmed about miles south in the Santa Ynez Valley of California, which, for all intents and purposes, is virtually the same. She also seems more vulnerable in an added scene where she cries about Curley breaking her record collection.

In fact, the dialogue is exact in many places including the dialect used by the characters. Judging from her revelations to Lennie in the barn, she is only about sixteen years old.“Of Mice and Men” A comparison between the book and film Essay.

A. Pages:3 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay the dialogs are taken literally from the book. The first difference appears in the introduction of the film. We will write a custom essay sample on “Of Mice and Men” A comparison between the book and. Comparison Essay - Of Mice and Men.

3 Pages Words March In the novel "Of Mice and Men," John Steinbeck uses detailed language to describe the loneliness each character feels in a way that the movie could not. Using descriptions of each of the characters’ moves helps the reader to truly understand the solitary life that the men.

The movie of Of Mice and Men had many differences while still giving the same message that the book was portrayed to have. One of the major differences was that Candy never came into the room when Lennie and Crooks were talking to each other.

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Difference between the movie of mice and men and the book of mice and men essay
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