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The figure of educated unemployed persons in the nation was 34,66, as on November 30th It is the lowest rate of unemployment that a stable economy can expect to achieve seeing as some frictional and structural unemployment is inevitable.

Essay on the Types of Unemployment

This type of unemployment could be reduced somewhat by more efficient placement services. Due to high pressure of people on land, a large number of rural people are moving towards urban areas in search of jobs in some factories or the other, only to get disappointment in a short time.

If employers practice illegal job discrimination against any group because of sex, race, religion, age, or national origin, a high unemployment rate for these workers could result even when jobs are plentiful.

But the only way the business cycle works is through ups and downs and unemployment is just one of those downs. This happened in the United States in the early s, when the large numbers of new graduates with doctoral degrees in physics and mathematics exceeded the number of jobs available in those fields.

A long and severe depression occurred in the s, when unemployment reached about 18 percent of the civilian labor force, and four less severe depressions occurred in the first quarter of the 20th century. At its height, one worker in four was unemployed, and some remained out of work for years.

Another type of unemployment is structural; this type of unemployment reflects a mismatch between the skills and other attributes of the labor force and those demanded by employers. Since the demand of the customers is constantly shifting from one product to another, it becomes difficult for workers to catch up with the tastes and choices of the workers.

The second form of Unemployment is structural unemployment. Workers with inadequate education or training and young workers with little or no experience may be unable to get jobs because employers believe that these employees would not produce enough to be worth paying the legal minimum wage or the rate agreed on with the union.

Industrial unemployment is caused in another manner. Frictional unemployment arises because workers seeking jobs do not find them immediately.

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Unemployment: Types and Causes

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Introduction Unemployment is known to be a certain number of the workforce, is temporally out of a job or an activity, which provides a human being the means of giving basic necessities like housing, finance etc. Different Types of Unemployment Essay.

down which. Structural unemployment is the most serious kind of unemployment because it points to seismic changes in an economy. It occurs when a person is ready and willing to work, but cannot find employment because none is available or they lack the skills to be hired for the jobs that do exist.

Unemployment cannot be simply defined as the number of people without jobs. Such a definition would include children who are too young to work, pensioners and housewives and others who choose not to take up paid up employment.

Essay on the Types of Unemployment – We may speak of different types of unemployment such as the following: seasonal unemployment, agricultural unemployment, frictional and technological unemployment, industrial unemployment, cyclical unemployment, educational unemployment, voluntary unemployment.

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Different Types of Unemployment Essay Sample

Bellerbys College Different types of unemployment Unemployment is when a person is looking for a job but is currently not able to get one; it may also be used as a measure of the health of the economy.

Different types of unemployment essay
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