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If one abides by the definition of followership stated prior then individuals practicing a religion, as was Edith Cavell, are followers. It can also be said that Cavell was a foreword thinker on her views on gender.

Although she may have been misrepresented, she made no attempt to defend herself. But, in one report, a German soldier is said Edith cavell essay have refused to execute Miss Cavell and was shot by his commanding officer. Of the five sentenced to death, only Cavell and Baucq were executed; the other three were granted reprieve.

She provided them with false papers and they were conducted by various guides to the houses of Cavell and others who sympathized with her. Cavell began harboring and protecting British soldiers and smuggling them out of occupied Belgium into adjacent Holland, a neutral country.

Leadership Through Followership: Examining the Life of Edith Cavell

However, General von Sauberzweigthe military governor of Brussels, ordered that "in the interests of the State" the implementation of the death penalty against Baucq and Cavell should be immediate, [8] denying higher authorities an opportunity to consider clemency.

She signed a written statement confirming her involvement the day before her trial. Hugh Gibson; Maitre G. Before the First World War, Cavell was not well known outside nursing circles. The peal was notable: Cavell also demonstrated these three behaviours during her stint as matron for the Berkendael Medical Institute.

Edith Cavell Biography

Edith Cavell was a British nurse born in On a superficial level, multiple hospitals and schools have been named in her honour see Appendix. In Cavell was asked if she would be the Matron for the new secular hospital at St Gilles.

She acted as a change agent by inventing ways to smuggle Allied soldiers out of the country. Unfortunately, she came under suspicion by the German military. The civil governor did recommend that Cavell be pardoned because of the humanitarian work she did and the lives that she saved.

Edith Cavell Essay

According to German law an offense such as this was punishable by death. Yet, despite the military rule, Miss Cavell continued to help. On 19 Mayher body was reburied at the east side of Norwich Cathedral ; a graveside service is still held each October. Beck and Silent in an Evil Time: She became a teacher of nurses in different hospitals throughout Belgium and sought to improve standards of nursing.

After the eruption of the First World War inCavell vacated her again-home of England and returned to Belgium to resume her position as matron of the Berkendael Medical Institute, which had been converted by the Red Cross into a military hospital allowing the treatment of both German and Allied soldiers Duffy, Ultimately, though, it was her loyalty to her fellow person which proved to be the true motivation behind her actions.

Her body was later buried in Norwich Cathedral. She provided shelter in Edith cavell essay houses, as well as false identification papers and guides out of the country. Conclusion Edith Cavell Edith cavell essay an important figure in nursing history. This admission confirmed that Cavell had helped the soldiers navigate the Dutch frontier, but it also established that she helped them escape to a country at war with Germany.

After a short trial, the German military tribunal found her guilty of treason and sentenced her to execution. It has been written that no books were allowed in the house except for the bible. There exist two key elements inherently rooted in any religion: It is undoubtedly a terrible thing that the woman has been executed; but consider what would happen to a State, particularly in war, if it left crimes aimed at the safety of its armies to go unpunished because they were committed by women.

He records that Miss Cavell said: She admitted her guilt when she signed a statement the day before the trial. Published 30 November In Novemberthe British Foreign Office issued a denial that Cavell had implicated anyone else in her testimony.

To demonstrate her faith, it has been said that during the two weeks she spent in solitary confinement prior to her execution the only books she requested were the Holy Bible and The Imitation of Christ, a medieval volume of meditations that emphasizes self-abnegation and suffering Shaddox,p.

She had been betrayed by a Frenchman who was later convicted by a French court as a collaborator. He recorded her final conversation. This surprised many observers as it seemed harsh given her honesty and fact she had saved many lives both Allied and German. This was demonstrated by her loyalty to her fatherland even in the face of formidable danger.The Passion Paintings of Edith Cavell in History and Context The paintings of the Passion of Edith Cavell by Brian Whelan for Norwich Cathedral are a contemporary contribution to a significant genre of religious art, historia, or series of narrative illustrations of Biblical stories.

Edith Cavell Essay Words | 3 Pages. Name: Edith Cavell Life: Edith Cavell was born on December 4, in Norfolk, United Kingdom.

Edith Cavell began her profession of nursing at age She soon moved to Belgium where she was appointed matron of the Berkendael Medical Institute in Brussels in Leadership through Followership: Examining the Life of Edith Cavell During her final hours in the clutches of the German forces during the First World War, Edith Louisa Cavell summarized her life’s work with the famous quote, “I realize that patriotism is not enough; I must have no.

Edith Cavell Biography. Edith Louisa Cavell (4 December – 12 October ) Edith Cavell was a nurse, humanitarian and spy. During the First World War, she helped allied servicemen escape German-occupied Belgium; she was eventually captured and executed for treason. Edith Cavell was born in at Swardeston in Norfolk.

Edith Cavell

Her father, Frederick Cavell, was a Church of England vicar there. Even though her family was quite poor, Edith had a good childhood memory playing with her father, brothers and sisters.

Essay about Edith Cavell Name: Edith Cavell Life: Edith Cavell was born on December 4, in Norfolk, United Kingdom. Edith Cavell began her profession of nursing at age She soon moved to Belgium where she was appointed matron of the Berkendael Medical Institute in Brussels in

Edith cavell essay
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