Entrepreneurship business plan uitm perak

For the prospect of business, this project plan of business is hopefully can beas one way for us, to practice our ability and interest in other different way, to be aguideline to encourage our effort for becoming an educative and succeed businesspeople.

Among the other activities held were entrepreneurship quizzes involving all sellers and visitors. Introduce new cost effective technology, building brand awareness among customers, targeting specific segments in consumer and business markets, generating sales.

Report by Intan Natasha Abdul Azim. The potential purchase includes purchase of the competitorswithin the same market. By having these sharing sessions, students and visitors gain the opportunity to exchange views and gain ideas on how to explore entrepreneurship opportunities in the real world.

If there are any error or lack in any part are fully depends on us. When profit rises, it shows thecustomers are satisfied with the products. The development of ITM was in three stages. Secondly, we would like to thank to our beloved lecturers, Puan Nadzira BintiYahaya for giving us moral support and being so helpful in completing this businessproposal and being so pleasant towards us.

Marketing objectives are thegroup of goals set by a business when promoting its products to potential consumersthat should be achieved within a given time. International recognition for the course came from Ealing Technical College in London, which also became its external examiner.

New Smart Technology, which will be cost effective during long term vacation at other activity outdoor. RM 10,Total per year: Increasing product awareness among targeted consumers.

Small washing machine is easy tomove, we can take it out for vacation and a camping trip. All of the partners decided to choose mini portable washing machine and dryerfor our business because we want to give multifunction washing machine for ourcustomer according to their environment to get more comfortable environment.

Abstrax Jingga has also had numerous collaborations with local giants like Malaysian Airlines and Astro. After a research has been made, there are somany competitors in theme restaurant business that are: So we are sure our customer will be satisfy and happy in their life.

Universiti Teknologi MARA

In order to determine our market size, we must take into consideration thepopulation of our target market within the place where we want to sell our products. Our market share is calculate in term of Ringgit Malaysia and calculated on monthlybasis.

Thisproduct enables us to attract and fulfil the customer needs and wants. Our capabilities of technical expertise and design and efficient assembly procedures not only contribute to cost control but also enable us to react quickly to market trends and technological advances 5.

Our productsinclude mini portable washing machine and air or dry. Lavadora was provides portable mini washing machine and air-o-dry. Main attraction place for tourists and community 14 1. Acknowledging the fact that education holds the key to positive social engineering processes, ITM has made education easily accessible primarily to the bumiputera Malays and indigenous bumiputera of the Malay peninsula such as JakunSenoiand those from the East Malaysia such as the Kadazan-DusunMelanauand Dayak.

As a whole, this programme succeeded in fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among students and indirectly gave them exposure to the true world of entrepreneurship. This includes the offering of courses of studies and the conferment of degrees at all levels.

Nowadays, people are more interested to wash clothes with mini portable washingmachine for their daily routine especially students and working people.


The business took into consideration factorsthat may affect In the nutshell, our business focused in local market, housing area, close tohigher education institutions government and private and others around Bandar BaruBangi, Kajang Selangor.Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM; English: MARA University of Technology) is a public university in Malaysia based primarily in Shah Alam.

Established in as RIDA (Rural & Industrial Development Authority) Training Centre (Malay: Dewan Latehan RIDA), it opened its doors to some 50 students with a focus to help the rural Malays. [7]. Report ENT UiTM 1.

DCC mi-centre.com BUSINESS PROJECT PROPOSAL ASEPREFACEASSALAMUALAIKUM WARAHMATULLAHI WABARAKATUH Alhamdulillah we have finally completed our business plan. Universiti Teknologi MARA Official Website. Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia.

MASMED AD is a unit established in under the ICARE Office of the Faculty of Art & Design (FSSR), UiTM. It consists of three different portfolios, which are entrepreneurship, innovation and MASMED. DOUGHNUT MANIA enterprise also used business plan as their guideline for managing the proposed mi-centre.comE OF THE BUSINESS PLAN The purpose of preparing a business are: 1.

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Entrepreneurship business plan uitm perak
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