Essay on food security bill 2013

Once we express the cost of food security as a percentage of the total estimated receipts of the government, during the current financial year, we see how huge the cost of food security really is. It is conclusive that all the matters mentioned above have to be dealt with at the earliest and thus a whole revamp of the program has to be implemented.

I am sure that your writers are very professional and high-skilled. If we are entering the global market then the global price would shoot up along with the subsidy bill. It is positive that it is including Essay on food security bill 2013 who really need nutritious food The Bill proposes meal entitlements to specific groups.

Is food Security law necessary for India? At the same time, it is most important to answer the questions being raised by those opposing NFSB.

We will have to build an environment of empowerment with nutritional security. For the past 20 years, the per capita food production in India is stagnant at around grams per person per day; pulses are the key source of protein, but the availability has dipped from 70 g per day in the s to 42 g in recent times.

And here comes the food security bill being discussed widely these days. But these two things are not mutually exclusive; they are complementary.

The only catch is that once it is passed, it should be implemented both by the Central and the respective State Govts with all the zeal and passion it deserves. Hence, to cope with the problem, the government should have added pulses to compensate for protein and edible oil to replenish fat; the preamble of the Bill also mentions: Children in the lower and upper primary classes would be entitled to mid-day meals as per the prescribed nutritional norms.

A part of this discussion is linked to public procurement and minimum support price MSP for farm produce. Nobody is claiming that it does, nor is that the purpose of the Bill. So burdening an still developing programme will lead to total failure.

Identification of beneficiaries should be done precisely and the machinery should be programmed perfectly to assure that the schemes reach the needy. The bill is likely to cost the government Rs 1. But before that what is really needed is to find the root cause, as to why be this happening?

Growth is important, because it helps create a conducive environment for the welfare of people.

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Critics say the food bill is little more than an attempt to help Congress, reeling from corruption scandals, win re-election in a vote expected by next May. Let us understand one thing: The present level of malnutrition results in 2 to 3 per cent decline in GDP.

The proposed Bill also holds great promises for children. While it makes sense to protect the poorest of the poor from hunger and malnutrition, it is absurd to extend the same benefit to those who can do without heavily subsidized food.

National Food Security Act, 2013

Not enough resources- Moreover, to implement this scheme, the total estimated annual food grains requirements will be The draft law explains ways to implement the scheme and prescribes penalties for flawed delivery. To meet that shortage, Government will have to resort to imports which, in turn, will fuel prices.

The Food Security Bill of India: Highlights, Benefits, Implementation and Key Issues

Moreover, the proposed bill may not prove effective in identifying the problems relating to malnutrition, hunger and poverty. There exists a linear relationship between economic growth and health and a better economic growth leads to a better health status.

A three-tier grievance redressal mechanism at district, state and national level is also part of the legislation. The Bill can transform and restructure the lives of people if carefully crafted and implemented.Home» Subject» Essay» Is Food Security Law necessary for India? The National Food Security Bill has been introduced in the current Lok Sabha session which seeks to enact The National Food Security Act It aims to provide food and nutritional security to whole of India; access to adequate quality food at affordable prices to.

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Name: The National Food Security Bill, Aim: The primary objective of the bill is to guarantee cheap food grain to nearly 70% of India’s billion people. The broader aim is to alleviate chronic hunger and poverty in India.

Is Food Security Law necessary for India?

Why it’s important: India accounts for a third of the world’s. The National Food Security Bill, Aim: * UPA Chairperson and President of Congress Party Smt. Sonia Gandhi promised food security in and she drafted this bill in parliament. Lok Sabha on 8 th May failed to pass because of opposite party not supporting the much-hyped National Food Security Bill which seeks to ensure access to adequate quantity of quality food at affordable prices to people.

The Food Security Bill of India: Highlights, Benefits, Implementation and Key Issues! After the rural job guarantee programme, the government is now focusing on an ambitious National Food Security Act aimed at drawing more people into the food security net.

It has made a strong pitch for providing.

Essay on food security bill 2013
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