Essay on the metropolitan museum of art

It is enriched with the expensive wool and silk thread. These colors may suggest a feeling of unhappiness. Some myths portrayed her as the victim who was forced to lose virginity whereas other described as a villain who seduced a god, therefore, she was punished.

The way the head was cut in half gave the artifact a strange appeal. Essay I chose Perseus with the Head of Medusa marble sculpture as my 2nd piece to discuss because my imagination of the face of Medusa is very different from how she was portrayed in the statue. With the curse, Gazers upon her hideous face would turn to stone.

Both of his arms are upraised, and his head turned heavenward to God. I can also see the obvious implied movement in the painting because other men on in the lead boat are struggling to break the choppy ice and puddling the boat. This color stood out from the rest.

Venus and Adonis are divine figures in this portrait.

The Visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art – Visual Arts Reflection Paper Essay

Are you demonstrating the academic skills needed to succeed in college? Having read about the life of Medusa before, I noticed that there are many different stories on how Medusa looks after she turned into a monster.

We can see the does and a duck are staying calmly inside the park even though the hunting is going on. Baroque art spread throughout western civilization.

The use of the atmospheric perspective is eminent in this painting. First thing I notice is the use of a triangular composition. I got to see beautiful art, learn a lot of new things and spent my Friday night with friends happily.

They know that if he goes off into the wilderness to hunt a wild animal could kill him. During this time period, numerous paintings were of people in the nude, as Venus and Cupid are displayed.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Essay

Even helping many to understand what exactly brought the world to be what it is today.A new vanguard emerged in the early s, primarily in New York, where a small group of loosely affiliated artists created a stylistically diverse body of work that introduced radical new directions in art—and shifted the art world’s focus.

Never a formal association, the artists known as. During my trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I observed many interesting paintings, sculptures, and artifacts.

The two exhibits I chose to do my report on were "Anonymous Official," from the thirteenth dynasty in Egypt, ( B.C.), and "Head from a Herm" from the early Greek civilization, (first quarter of the fifth century).

Metropolitan Museum of Art Essay Sample On a recent visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I took a tour of the museum with a lecturer. During the tour, the leader lectured on particular paintings. For this project I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on at least four different occasions, September 20th being the first visit, the subsequent three I didn't write down.

I chose to examine the Ancient Egypt civilization, which is extremely rich in everything from hieroglyphics and statues to jewelry and tombs/5(1).

Department of Islamic Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. October Citation. Department of Islamic Art. “Calligraphy in Islamic Art.” Primary Essays. The Art of the Book in the Ilkhanid Period; The Arts of the Book in the Islamic World, –; The Birth of Islam. Essay A Day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Words | 4 Pages A Day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art I.

Jan van Eyck’s “Last Judgment” Jan van Eyck was active since and died in

Essay on the metropolitan museum of art
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