First grade writing activities for halloween

Name some precautions that you can take at home to make your home safe from fires. Write a sentence using each of these 5 new words that you learned. Line the figures up against a wall, then use a strand of orange or white twinkling lights for the eyes.

Webster was born on October 16, and he is considered to be the "Father of the American Dictionary. This day was created to call attention to the shortage of food in many parts of the world.

Halloween Worksheets

The best trick I ever played on Halloween was The School Nutrition Association web pagecontains information about National School Lunch Week, as well as fun puzzles and school lunch related brainteasers for your students.

The students then write their own sentences describing their big, round, orange pumpkin! Stories are shared and students see how everyone used different approaches using the same basic vocabulary.

Put on a happy face. This is also an ideal time of the school year to introduce your students to my Multiplication Pizza Sticker Charts that will encourage your students to learn their times tables.

Write a letter to a king, queen, president, or a wealthy person to ask for help to finance your adventure. People around the world look to the United Nations to help alleviate poverty and hunger, to keep the peace, to expand education, and stand up for human rights in every corner of the globe.

Ghostly Maze - Help the ghost get to the haunted house. I bring in a real pumpkin and place it on a high stool in the front of my classroom so all the children can see it. Halloween Sentences - Is it a telling sentence or a question? Halloween Letter Match - Students will draw a line to match each Halloween picture to the letter with the same beginning sound.

What is your favorite dessert? Use black or orange Halloween grass for hair and staple hat on top. Name three things you could do to help children in other countries on World Food Day.

There lots more that you can think of to add. To view these illustrations that began inclick on the following link: Halloween Candy Maze - Help the hungry monsters get to the candy!

Halloween should not be banned because Different Frankenstein - Color the picture in each row that is different.

Halloween and October Writing Prompts

The purpose of this worldwide event is to increase public awareness of the world food problem and the struggle against hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. To tie in with National Crime Prevention Month, have your students complete a wanted book report project.

Halloween Big and Small - Students will follow the directions and color the big or small Halloween item using the colors green, black, orange, and brown. On Webster Word Central students can play spelling and vocabulary games. I added a popsicle stick, wrapped shoe boxes in paper and stuck the witches in the boxes and used them as centerpieces for our Halloween party.

First Grade Halloween Worksheets

Paint the stuffed stockings with orange paint. Find 5 words in the dictionary that you are unfamiliar with and write their definitions on your paper. Write an essay explaining why you admire police officers and the difficult jobs that they have.

It was created in by President John F. If i could make a magic brew, it would October 24 - United Nations Day United Nations Day is celebrated on October 24 and it recognizes the United Nations organization and all of the people who participate and serve in this world organization.Celebrate Halloween as you learn all about numbers, letters, and colors with our Halloween Preschool Theme Activities.

These printable worksheets are equally as fun as they are educational, making them perfect for use both at home and in the classroom.

Halloween Worksheets. Here is the complete collection of Halloween worksheets on STW. Find word searches, cut-and-glue activities, math mystery pictures, coloring activities, and much more. More Spelling Units (1st Grade) Here's the page that will link you to. Pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, witches, candy corn—they’re all here to engage young learners as they practice rhyming, simple addition, and writing with Halloween-specific activities.

There are also thematic coloring pages and puzzles designed to hone artistic, fine motor, and critical thinking skills. First Grade Halloween Activities.

Kids and parents are usually surrounded by costumes, candy and trick-or-treating on Halloween. In the classroom, however, there are a number of first grade Halloween activities that can be both educational and fun, without catering to a student’s sweet tooth. Best of Halloween - Kindergarten & First Grade.

Find this Pin and more on Best of Halloween - Kindergarten & First Grade by SOL Train Learning|Math Games+Literacy+Vocabulary+Activities+Books+Songs.

Halloween Activities

See more. Bats Halloween Writing and Stellaluna Craft first, second, third grade. Halloween Language Arts Worksheets Phonics Halloween Sort and Paste Worksheet - Students will sort pictures by the beginning sounds of D and S then paste each picture beneath a Skeleton or Dracula.

First Grade Halloween Activities

Fun Halloween phonics worksheets for students in k Halloween Letter Match - Students will draw a line to match each Halloween picture to the letter with the same beginning sound.

First grade writing activities for halloween
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