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The Five Star Chapter Plan is the roadmap guiding the chapter through the levels. Participation encourages excellence and recognizes progress in the attainment of goals set by the chapter.

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This plan, which reflects the scholarly ideals of Phi Theta Kappa, serves as a blueprint for developing a strong chapter and for earning local, regional, and international recognition. The strength of Phi Theta Kappa is determined by the achievements of chapters on the local level.

The principles of country ownership, effectiveness and accountability will be Five star project during the implementation of this project. Using the Five Star Chapter Plan as a guide to success, chapters can enhance their working relationship with the college administration by becoming active on the campus and in the community.

Emphasis in the sustainable development component will be on the training of national trainers, along with both national and regional awareness-creation and capacity-building by means of workshops and seminars. Objectives of the project The overall objective of the project is two-fold: In this plan, chapters do not compete against one another.

Activities The activities under this project will include needs analysis and interventions for each NSB using the methodology of the ISO Institutional Strengthening INS programme, regional workshops and follow-up aimed at trade promotion organizations as well as on priority subjects linked to institutional strengthening and sustainable development, and the building of capacity and enhancement of awareness in three separate green economy focus areas — environment, energy and water.

Contribute to the development of a sound business-enabling environment by encouraging the private sector and other stakeholders to use international standards to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development.

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Duration of the project The duration of the project was originally set at approximately 4 years. Chapters should use the plan as a guide for building strong, active chapters. Regional coordination The project has also established a regional coordination mechanism through the meetings of the Joint Coordination Committee JCC involving NSBs and other regional players, including the regional standards organizations.

It covers a series of activities to strengthen institutions developing and using standards, and to increase the capacity of business and industry to apply key standards within the context of sustainable development. On a personal level, involvement in the program will educate chapter members in the importance of deadlines and organizational skills.

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Recognition for these achievements provides reinforcement and encourages a recommitment to chapter goals. Following a late start for a number of logistical reasons instead ofthis period has of necessity been reduced, but discussions and negotiations will be pursued with a view to exploring the possibility of reinstating the originally-intended project period.

Report Your Progress Phi Theta Kappa chapters have five levels of engagement that progress from local, campus involvement to regional involvement to international involvement.Five Star Gardens is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality landscape design and installation experience available anywhere.

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Five star project
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