How to write ascribe in a sentence

Origen, Ambrosiaster, and Euthalius ascribe to it r Cor. SHAMMAI, a Jewish scribe of the time of King Herod, whom tradition almost invariably couples with Hillel, with whom he stood in striking contrast, not merely in legal-religious decisions and discussions, but also in character and temperament.

It is difficult to say to what we are to ascribe his immunity from painful consequences. As a source for the text it is superseded by the printed edition, and if there is more than one, then by the latest printed edition, which has been revised in proof by the author, or, in certain cases, by his representative; and the task of the textual critic is restricted to the detection of "misprints," in other words, of errors which the compositor the modern analogue to how to write ascribe in a sentence scribe has made in "setting up" the manuscript, and which have escaped the notice of the proof-reader and the author or his representative.

The question whether the writing as a whole is pseudonymous, or only the superscription a mistaken conjecture by the scribe of Jude 1 is of secondary importance. The evidence now available, however, confirms those who ascribe an earlier date to the forgery and place it at Rome.

The fidelity of a scribe has to be judged chiefly by internal tests, and these are best applied to his work how to write ascribe in a sentence passages where there is no reasonable doubt of the correctness of the transmitted text.

Several of the ancients ascribe to him the invention of the dithyramb and of dithyrambic poetry; it is probable, however, that his real service was confined to the organization of that verse, and the conversion of it from a mere drunken song, used in the Dionysiac revels, to a measured antistrophic hymn, sung by a trained body of performers.

It is customary to ascribe their successes to the power of the breech-loader, but there were actions in which it played no part, cavalry versus cavalry encounters, and isolated duels between batteries which gave the Prussian gunners a confidence they had not felt when first crossing the frontier.

Also until some scribe altered it. And one of these epistles, ascribed to Paul, bears. Some synonyms for the word parody arecaricature, satire, and mockery. Exploring more options may be an antidote for your ambivalence. Ezra, a scribe of repute, well versed in the laws of Moses, returns with a band of exiles in order to reorganize the religious community.

Therefore, we are witnessing a disturbing tendency of ascribing unseemly behavior to phantom designs irrationally impervious to experience, evidence and final proofs that should otherwise correctly inform our actions.

The text was written, according to Tischendorf, by four scribes, of whom he identified one as also the scribe of cod. The pen became finer in course of time, enabling the scribe to write very small.

Indeed some teachers even went so far as to ascribe a higher value to it, since it comes into closer relation with the details of everyday life. So hence in the Apocryphal book of Enoch God ascribed all.

Such alterations may be due to the writer or writers of the MS. I detected ambivalence in his attitude toward homework.

Nevertheless he was too much a child of his age to keep things known steadily before him; having asked the metaphysical question he proceeded to find a psychological answer in a theory of sensation, which asserted the mere hypothesis that the being which we ascribe to things on the evidence of sensation consists in their being felt.

All so-called philosophies and schools of thought that ascribe virtue to hidden. We might feel inclined at first to ascribe the honour of promulgating the utility of salt to the Hebrews, owing to the fact of one of their nation being the first to mention it, and of our possessing no other record of so early a date.

Only that Homer was recited in fragments by the rhapsodists, and that these partial recitations were made into a continuous whole by Peisistratus; which does not necessarily mean more than that Peisistratus did what other authorities ascribe to Solon and Hipparchus, viz.

It is customary to ascribe to Offa a policy of limited scope, namely the establishment of Mercia in a position equal to that of Wessex and of Northumbria. His words always rang in their ears, and in their hearts; Slay those who ascribe divinity to.

Going by the aforesaid, the Quran seems to be indulgent towards Muhammad, having all the while condemning the Christians for ascribing partners to Allah, as can be seen from the following!.

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With the aid of the vast body of Faust literature which has sprung up in recent years, and the many new documents bearing on its history above all, the so-called Urfaust, to which reference has already been made - we are able now to ascribe to their various periods the component parts of the work; it is possible to discriminate between the Sturm and Drang hero of the opening scenes and of the Gretchen tragedy - the contemporary of Gotz and Clavigo and the superimposed Faust of calmer moral and intellectual ideals - a Faust who corresponds to Hermann and Wilhelm Meister.Ascribe definition is - to refer to a supposed cause, source, or author: to say or think that (something) is caused by, comes from, or is associated with a particular person or thing.

How to use ascribe in a sentence. The word 'ascribe' is a verb meaning to believe something is the cause of something else; to believe that something is a typical quality of someone or something. Example sentence: We should not. Definition of ascribe in English: ascribe. verb More example sentences Top tips for CV writing.

In this article we explore how to impress employers with a spot-on CV. Read more. Archaic words.

Ascribe Sentence Examples

Archaic words have a charm that never fades away, from French sounding to wondrously mysterious ones. What is an example of the word "ascribe" used in a sentence?

Definition of Ascribe. attribute a cause or characteristic; Usage Example: The doctor at the neighbourhood clinic tried to ascribe the baby’s condition to poor nutrition, but a second opinion from a city doctor showed that he had a rare virus.

How would you use the word parody in a sentence?

Oct 26,  · I ascribe my decision to vote for a certain candidate in the presidential election because of his campaign Resolved.

Here are fantastic examples of sentences and phrases with the word "ascribed".

How to write ascribe in a sentence
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