Ibm smarter analytics case studies

Over a sensibly priced meal served on trays, Godwin sketched out a scenario of rising crime, frozen or even shrinking budgets and a growing disenchantment among Memphis citizens— and was open to ideas. AMC Networks uses a big data analytics platform from IBM to understand viewing patterns across traditional and digital channels, make smarter decisions, and win new viewers and advertisers.

Today, thanks to its new analytics tools, it is able to focus most of it energy on gaining actionable insights. Additionally, the solution gives MoneyGram the ability to respond quickly to new and different kinds of frauds. However, situations arise that Ibm smarter analytics case studies the best laid plans.

Identify the source of data for the analytics solution needed. What are the problems with the existing system of the Cincinnati Zoo?

It was a great start, but only a start. As part of an organizational business transformation project, XO Communications identified an opportunity to improve its performance in the small- and mediumsized business sector by increasing customer retention, and needed a strategy that would help it achieve this in a cost-effective way.

The resulting keys focus on target serve percentages, rally counts, types of shots and more. The system scans each transaction looking for signs of fraud and identifies suspicious or high-risk transactions based on established criteria. We recently created a loyalty program for regular customers which provides rewards that can be used on future orders and, thanks to Cognos, we have been able to track its effect on sales.

Phase two built on the experience of the first phase. Hans Schlenker Abstract Businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their efficiency and to cut costs.

When we presented our ideas to the board, they immediately agreed that this should be the top priority in our IT transformation. For instance, the rate of response to its marketing campaigns has risen 3. Although a large percentage of our business is still linear cable TV, we need to appeal to a new generation of millennials who consume content in very different ways.

Where were the data used for predictive modeling pulled from? So this insight has led to a real drive to encourage customers to sign up. As part of the project, the Customer Intelligence team received comprehensive training from IBM, which helped not only to gain technical knowledge, but also to build up a set of best practices for future predictive analytics deployments.

The function of the OTT is that of a sophisticated matchmaker. At the same time, it was vital to offer these clients a high level of service and ensure that any issues they had were dealt with quickly and effectively.Your Smarter Analytics Strategy.

The people and skills you need for an optimal analytics team; Case studies of brands using artificial intelligence and NLP today; dry days, but lower when it is cold or wet.

However, by incorporating the National Weather Service’s data into IBM’s AI-driven Watson platform, the zoo was able to.

Your Smarter Analytics Strategy

View Notes - IBM-Business-Analytics-Case-Studies from CAS at Araullo University. IBM Global Center for Smarter Analytics Fundamentals of Business Analytics Case Study IBM Global Center. Learn how AMC Networks uses IBM Analytics to understand viewing patterns, English English; IBM® Site map; IBM.

IBM Case Studies. Solution: Analytics; Industry: Media & Entertainment; AMC Networks and cable networks need to get smarter about how they market to and connect with audiences across all of those streams.

Relying on. Smarter Analytics: Making Better Decisions Faster with IBM Business Analytics and Optimization Solutions An IBM Redguide publication.

Published 01 October IBM Form #: REDP In addition, this paper profiles IBM case studies of various companies that integrated BAO solutions. Table of contents.

AMC Networks

Applying IBM analytics, cloud computing and mobile capabilities is a game-changer for the USTA—and for any enterprise on a Smarter Planet. Case Studies U.S. Open. Learn how IBM analytics, cloud and mobile technologies are delivering a greater fan experience.

Making a smart game smarter with IBM analytics and 8 years of Grand Slam data

but also for any business on a Smarter Planet. Discover how IBM is. IBM Global Center for Smarter Analytics flexibility to make their own deployment decisions based on intelligence provided by the solution. Most importantly, results would be rigorously measured and commanders held accountable for their performance.

Ibm smarter analytics case studies
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