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Specialty The Malaysian is famous with his defence in singles. Inhe improved significantly and he was up to the standards of a true world class badminton player. Later on that season he took the Indonesia Open crown, his first title since the Malaysia Open after reuniting with former coach Misbun Sidek from Li Mao.

No badminton player in history had ever stayed at the no. Technically, only Lin Dan can defeat him. Instead of playing a passive and defensive game, he suddenly started playing an aggressive game in He only managed to reach the second round of the Open, [74] before winning the Hong Lee chong wei why being Open in November.

In his quest for major titles, Lin Dan had always stood in his way. The panel was convinced that Lee had no intent to cheat and allowed him to resume his career by 1 May Therefore, he will have his final shot at the London Olympics Gold title and the Badminton World Championships title in Badminton is played at such high intensity these days.

In the semi-final he defeated Lin Dan to give Malaysia a 1—0 lead in its clash with defending champion Chinabut Malaysia eventually lost 2—3 due to the defeat of its first doubles team in the vital final match.

Apart from Lin Dan, Chong Wei has no problem defeating any singles player during the peak of his career in Soon after, he changed his style by taking risks in his games and attacked more often.

He suffered leg cramps late into the third game. The videos above show him performing 2 consecutive badminton dives.

Malaysia reached the finals, but lost to Japan with a score of 3—2. Soon after the triumph, he announced it would be his last Malaysia Open outing, as he would assess his condition after the Asian Games and might retire if the results were not good.

However, he still lacks the confidence when facing Lin Dan. He managed to outpace his opponents and attack them off-guard. However, the consequence of diving towards the sidelines is that the dive will make them lose a high degree of balance.

Despite beating reigning World Champion Chen Jin in the semi-final, Lee once again tasted defeat at the hands of his great rival, Lin Dan, in the final. He also suffered an early exit in five competitions afterward. The videos below show some examples of his badminton defence.

When the perfect opportunity arises, many singles players can perform accurate smashes towards the singles sidelines. He had more variations in his deceptions. Inhe became almost invincible in the badminton world. The Malaysian became famous because of his extraordinary badminton defence in badminton singles.

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Improvement The badminton skills of this player have improved significantly over the years. After attempting to continue, he had to retire and was subsequently stretchered to hospital.

They occasionally put heavy pressure on Lee but are still not good enough to beat him. Leave me a comment below. He gained his first ever Korea Open crown, sixth Malaysia Open[78] and defeated Kenichi Tago to win the oldest and prestigious badminton championship in the world, the All England Openhis first since he took part in What do you think about what you just read?

Younger and talented badminton players such as Chen Long and Kenichi Tago are also good opponents. Inhe reached the finals of every tournament he played, except for 2 Super Series events where he was defeated by Lin Dan in the semi finals in both occasions.

First, he took the Japan Open title for the fourth time. His journey ended in the second round when he was defeated by Chen Hong. Lee led for most of the match but lost two important match points in the rubber game.

He declined to identify the player but confirmed to The Associated Press that it was Lee.Aug 20,  · Why so many people think Lee Chong Wei is a better badminton player and possibly the best badminton player instead of Lin Dan?

Why should Lee Chong Wei stop being a player and be a coach? Shawn Chao, Lee Zi Jia has the potential to be a top 5 in the world player. Good touch, vision and strokes. Not everyone may have been lucky enough to watch "Lee Chong Wei" at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil, but it will be making its wide release in cinemas on 15 March.

Lee Chong Wei

As one of Malaysia's most loved athletes, Lee Chong Wei's rags to riches story is an inspiration to us all.

While that should be. Lee Chong Wei is the only person to date who can perform 2 dives to retrieve 2 consecutive smashes. After performing one dive, he is extremely quick in getting back up and moving back to his footwork base. Lee Chong Wei, who is known for his high fighting spirit, morale and commitment to the sport deserves to be in the world's top ranking, despite never be successful in the Olympics, but Lee Chong Wei is deemed to be the best player ever born by Malaysia in the badminton world.

Lee Chong Wei: Traditional Chinese: Lee's low point of the year was in the World Championships, despite the tournament being held in front of his home crowd and his solid performance during the second half of the year, he was defeated in the third round by Indonesia's Sony Dwi Kuncoro.

Lee chong wei why being
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