Meat packaging

Ice flakers with in-built UV-water-disinfection device are available for areas with unsafe water supply. Rotary frozen meat cutters Fig. This lid protects against accidents and its design plays a crucial role in the efficiency of the chopping Meat packaging by routing the mixture flow.

The major items of meat processing equipment needed to fabricate the most commonly known meat products are listed and briefly described hereunder. This property is used for water binding and texture formation in certain meat products see page Bacteria do not grow at a water activity below 0. Before the injector is used again all hoses and needles should be rinsed with warm water as particles left in the system can block the needles.

Piston stuffer, schematic These machines are used for filling all types of meat batter in containers such as casings, glass jars, cans etc. This mechanical process is assisted by the addition of salt and phosphates to achieve equal brine distribution and liberates muscular protein from the meat tissue protein extraction.

Most emulsifiers are vertical units. It is ignited by means of an electrically heated plate or by gas flame. Methods used in modern meat processing include the following: These figures explain how salt has its preservative effect. Bowl cutter assembled with 6 knives Fig.

The mixer is discharged through tilting by 90 degrees. The smoke quantity and quality can be regulated by changing the speed and time of rotation.

Otteman's Meat Processing

A rotating drum with steel paddles inside slowly moves the meat pieces thus causing a mechanical massaging effect. Special vacuum packaging machines can operate with so called gas-flushing, where a mixture of gas is injected after evacuating the air.

It is driven by a built-in single-phase electrical motor V and available as both a table and floor model.

The final products of curing entire meat pieces are either cured raw fermented products or cured cooked products see page As this type of smoke can be produced at relatively low temperatures, it does not carry high amounts of hazardous substances such as benzopyrene see page Contact Hand Stretch Wrapping Machines Mantle Packaging Machinery Ltd produce an extensive range of food packaging machines including the TW45 range of table top hand stretch wrap machines for use with food grade stretch films.

After completion of the smoking process brown-red colour after smoking, see also Fig.

Application of dry curing mix curing salt, curing accelerators, spices on fresh ham pork leg Fig. Piston stuffer 20 litres with different size filling funnels Fig. Adding of nitrite curing salt during initial phase of meat mix fabrication Curing of entire meat pieces Besides the curing of chopped meat mixtures, entire pieces of muscle meat can be cured.

Hence, additional heat has to be applied in the smoking chamber.

Due to the acidification in meat after slaughter see page 4the pH of such meat or meat mixes is always below 7, which means slightly acidic. Ice is needed in meat processing for some types of meat products. The sealing system Meat packaging eliminates leakers, rework and returns. Ham is uniformly covered by curing mix The second method of curing meat pieces is wet curing, also called pickling, which involves the application of curing brine to the meat.

Smoke permeable casings can also be treated using a new technology, where a liquid smoke solution is applied on the surface. Please see the TW45CR hand stretch wrap machine for more details.

As impermeable casings do not allow the penetration of gaseous smoke, liquid smoke can be added to the sausage mix during the manufacturing process.

Separate smoke generators allow better control of the quantity and temperature of the smoke produced.

At the industrial level semi-automatic multi-needle brine injectors Fig. Unit for generation of smoke by steam Combined equipment Modern facilities can combine smoking, cooking and cooling operations for meat products in one continuous process.

These machines are very common everywhere in food processing but their throughput and production capacity is limited due to the small size and manual operation. Pieces of cooked meat pork 4 pieces with common salt only right and 3 with common salt containing small amounts of nitrite left Fig.

Sainsbury's to introduce touch-free packaging 'for millennials'

Heat and pressure are applied from above and below the packaging material to produce not just one seal, but two superior seals.Biodegradable Products Institute provides certification services for compostable products.

BPI-certified products meet ASTM D or D testing standards to certify they will biodegrade in a managed compost facility. Mantle Packaging Machinery Ltd produce an extensive range of food packaging machines including the TW45 range of table top hand stretch wrap machines for use with food grade stretch films.

A supermarket is to introduce touch-free packaging to help millennials who are afraid to handle raw meat. Sainsbury’s will be bringing in pouches that allows customers to place chicken pieces.


VelveTouch provides superior friction solutions for industrial, fleet, and off-highway applications. OTTEMAN'S INC Meat Processing slaughters and processes beef and buffalo for Colorado farmers and ranchers.

We also service customers who buy all or part of an animal from a producer and then have us process it. Supervac is the technology leader in manufacturing automatic belt vacuum chamber packaging machines, shrink tanks and dryers.

Supervac vacuum packaging machines have an outstanding reputation among meat, poultry and seafood processors worldwide for producing high-quality packages.

Meat packaging
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