Principles and values that underpin health care essay

In the case of the Community Tool Box team, they are the underpinning of our understanding of community health and development, the truths that shape both our reasons for doing the work, and the work itself. When a child is born, he needs trust. The care provision is coordinated well.

Interpreters used for child protection work should have been subject to references and DBS checks and a written agreement regarding confidentiality. The court of protection exists to solve any financial issues or conflicts that may arise for the old aged.

Teamwork is essential when considering the holistic needs of a patient and we need to be aware of the roles and responsibilities of others involved NMC Risk Management and Control process training would be organized for the entire team of care workers so that they understand the importance of the plan and the way that they need to follow in case any problem or risks arise.

It is important to acknowledge that constraints in the workplace can prevent you from achieving a positive outcome every time Taylor Is there sufficient capacity and flexibility to respond to crises in a timely manner without escalating needs?

The real goal of community work is positive social change. Assessing Policies and Programs 4. No one person is given more value or respect than another.

The purpose of the record is to enable accurate information to be given in response to any future request for a reference. A formative evaluation — one that carefully examines the process and content of your effort, compares it to what was supposed to occur, and analyzes the results of what you did in light of how you could improve on it — can tell you whether parts of the process or the goals need to be changed in order for the effort to become more effective.

Are staff knowledgeable about, and able to refer caregivers to programs for which they are eligible outside of their own agency? We treated Mr Smith with respect and maintained his dignity. The Data Protection Act requires that personal information should be: They should be handled with great care, love and affection.

However, it is essential to understand the basic procedures and principles for being a care giver. Child care practices anteceding three patterns of preschool behavior. Time is of the essence.

The ideal, in most cases, is to improve the quality of life for a particular group, or for everyone, in the community. Sexual orientation — GBLT caregivers may face unique issues from other caregivers, due to their sexual orientation.

Inclusion requires acknowledging and valuing a range of cultures, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, disabilities, capacities, interests, values, beliefs and opinions.

Health behavior and health education: Is there a plan in place if the caregiver chooses to limit or end part or their entire caregiving role? The same have been explained below: How will the records be stored and who will have access to them? To assist me with writing my reflection on this episode of care, I looked at a number of reflective models which were recommended to us on our values course.

Setting of the targets and objectives — The objectives and targets need to be set so that the loopholes or the shortfalls given by CQC should be overcome on the priority basis.

What arrangements will we need to review records? Guidance as to how long these records should be retained is as follows: The conclusion stage of this cycle asks what else you could have done.

Unit 2 : Principles of Health and Social Practice

Are all stakeholders e. To find this out I would need time, and cooperation from Mr Smith that he may not be willing to give. Even well-developed policies and programs for seniors may have unintended negative impacts on the caregiver. Records should be kept for 6 years after the last contact with the service user unless any of the exemptions apply listed above or if your organisation is required to comply with any other statutory requirements.

Not only this; they may even lose jobs in case they do not adhere regularly and regular complaints are received for any care worker. They require that people should listen to them and understand their needs well.Essays Related to Personal and Professional Development - Health and Social Care.

Underpinning Principles and Values

Underlying Principles and Values: RELATED CHAPTERS. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: Sources of Information and how the quality of the care they receive can impact on their health and development.

Each stage, from infancy to adolescence, lays the foundation for more complex development. Children's Social Care has a. Analyse how values and principles underpin service provision. Explain what it means to have a “duty of care”. Analyse how duty of care contributes to. Free Essay: The aim of this essay is to discuss the values and beliefs, which underpin contemporary mental health nursing in Scotland.

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Some Core Principles, Assumptions, and Values to Guide the Work. Chapter 1 Sections. and faced with losing health care and having to pay much of their income for child care if they go to work – it becomes more difficult to see them so.

Principles and values that underpin health care essay
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