The downside of the legalization of marijuana

It is important for families to know that marijuana is not only addictive, but also affects brain development. Of even more concern is the fact that legalizing marijuana will send mixed messages about the acceptance of using drugs for recreational purposes, a trend we do not want to encourage while our state struggles with a drug epidemic.

For the first time since recreational marijuana use was legalized in Colorado and Washington, failed drug tests in those states outpaced the national average.

Rather rigid zero-tolerance marijuana policies will likely be the major cause for legal concern among Canadians, especially in Quebec. The justice system will also be blocked up buy the huge influx of marijuana-related charges, which many citizens will hopefully contest in court.

Research conducted by the University of Michigan shows 80 percent of eighth graders and one-third of 12th graders have used marijuana at least once over the past year.

Op-Ed: Gov. Murphy Ignores Downside of Legalized Pot

Sharpe says that many of the victims are young people whose first contact with opiates came through painkillers prescribed to parents and grandparents. Studies have noted that greater than 40 percent of adults have tried marijuana at least once.

The state Department of Human Services is already doing this — the bill would make the policy state law. After retail marijuana sales began in Colorado, the increase in collision-claim frequency was 14 percent higher than nearby Nebraska, Utah, and Wyoming.

The downsides to legalizing marijuana

The legislation has support on both sides of the aisle. Under House Billbeing caught possessing less than one ounce of marijuana would result in a civil infraction with a fine, but not jail time. Not to mention being a major nuisance to Canadians who are merely enjoying what will be a legal substance.

Decriminalization also saves the state money that could be reallocated to fund prevention and treatment initiatives. Use of illicit drugs has not gone down — heroin-related overdose deaths rose 93 percent from to according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in comparable national statistics not yet available.

But Democratic Representative Jeff Irwin is worried some abusive parents might be keeping their kids out of school to avoid getting turned in to the authorities. Unfortunately, this is the major downside to marijuana legalization.

Decriminalization of drug-possession-related violations may offer the biggest bang for the buck because, according to the U. Due to the rather strict marijuana-related laws enforced by federal and provincial governments, Canadians can look forward to or the opposite an influx of criminal charges and court cases.

You can read the rules here. Experimentation with marijuana begins early as well. Nearly one in three individuals who used marijuana may have some degree of marijuana use disorder and nearly one in 10 of marijuana users will become addicted.

Any infractions will then lead to fines or charges.Supporters and opponents of such initiatives make numerous claims about state-level marijuana legalization.

Advocates think legalization reduces crime, raises tax revenue, lowers criminal justice. This Is The One Huge Thing That's Going To Suck About Legal Weed In Canada What a bummer.

@cannabis culture. shares. shares. Unfortunately, this is the major downside to marijuana legalization. A legal framework for marijuana use means more restrictions, and consequences. Op-Ed: Gov. Murphy Ignores Downside of Legalized Pot.

it is my responsibility to speak up against Gov. Phil Murphy's plans to fast track the legalization of marijuana. The Downside Of Legalizing Marijuana drugrehab Addiction Research, Legalizing Marijuana, Marijuana Addiction, Side Effects of Substance Abuse, Teens and Drug Abuse When examining the issue of marijuana legalization, pros and cons fill up both sides of the balance sheet.

Jun 01,  · Criminal marijuana cases in Colorado plunged by 65 percent inthe first full year of legalization for personal recreational use, but the police in some areas have been writing dozens of.

The downside of legal marijuana.

This Is The One Huge Thing That's Going To Suck About Legal Weed In Canada

By Paul Steinberg. November 28, With the legalization of marijuana by District voters this month, the fun begins for some, and pitfalls begin for others. As.

The downside of the legalization of marijuana
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