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This was resulting on their ad revenues also that was the main reason why higher officials of TFC were concerned that others were taking away their market share of ad revenues.

Fashion Television

The local affiliates of that MSO marketed and distributed the service to consumers in all the local markets for which they held a franchise. There were two main source of generating revenue for TFC and that was one by ad revenue and another was through cable affiliation fee. TFC has rating of 1.

Search This Blog Case study Analysis: These shoppers and planners have huge interest in fashion and always make sure that their lifestyle is up to date on fashion.

The segments are made by taking in view of different lifestyle and passion of the viewers towards fashion. Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solutiona Related Case Solutions: The channel was actually dedicated to fashion only and its main audience were women of age group.

Think Beyond Your Simple Understanding Single segment concentration Advantages: Fr that they use market research not only for demographic data but also to study consumer behavior and attitudes—how viewers use the network, what they value, and what needs they have.

The segment of Fashionistas comprises of viewers that are highly engaged in fashion. Moreover, they enjoy shopping for situational needs of the outfit. Dual-targeting will ensure the average viewers and rating. On a scale of 1 to 5, TFC had achieved a 3.

Targeting at two valued groups i. They love to anticipate fashion trends and stay up to date andfashion is said to be their middle name, they love to shop. CNN had scored 4. This segment shows the highest interest in fashion and is strong in high valued female demographics, which will deliver a CPM boost.

Broad Multi Segment This scenario has a broader view to attract audience. Prices were expressed as CPM cost per thousandwhich represented the price that an advertiser would pay for an advertisement. The study showed that TFC was facing additional competitive challenges in its attractiveness to cable affiliates.

These channels were giving competition to the TFC directly by taking the share of its ad revenue; these channels were giving a double edged competition to TFC.

The Fashion Channel Case Solution & Answer

The basics are the least fashion interested television viewers. This is just a sample partial work. After carefully looking at the advantages and disadvantages of the three options, It is recommended that Scenario3 is the best solution for Dana.

Fashionistas is the smallest segment in four clusters. It is expected that rating will grow to 1. TFC needs to identify the customer groups that are most worth the effort to pursue.

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These scenarios were like Scenario1: GFE associates then constructed profiles for clusters of consumers who had common attitudes and needs. It is risky if only target at this group and the average viewers will decrease as well.

On perceived value TFC was at 3. They mostly shop whenever there is a need or situation of shopping. For this market research they hired a research company called GFE associates, The researchers had asked a national panel of consumers more than questions about their attitudes toward fashion and TFC as a way to understand the needs that the network served.

Market Analysis The current markets of the US household viewers were divided in four segments. In TFC has realized that some of the other channels like CNN and Lifetime are following the footsteps of TFC and also they are telecasting the programs related to the fashion world, which were now started to become more popular in comparison to the programs of TFC.

The age of women in this alternative is 18 to 34 years. The Fashion Channel Introduction: The report suggested four unique groups of viewers: Financial Analysis Scenario 1: The analysis will help The Fashion Channel to segment its valued viewers.

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Advertising slots were divided in two slots i.The Best Fashion Youtubers from thousands of top Fashion Youtubers in our index using search and social metrics.

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FashionTV is an international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting television channel. Founded in France inby its Polish-born president Michel Adam Lisowski, FashionTV is a widely distributed satellite channels in the world with 31 satellite and 2, cable systems.

Fashion Channel brings you the best videos and the most exclusive moments of the international runway since until now, the most representative fashion w. Fashion Channel is an internet television station from Milan, Italy, providing Fashion videos. Fashion Channel is filmed and created by a team of the most.

Case study Analysis: The Fashion Channel I ntroduction: “The Fashion Channel” which is a successful cable TV network and which had been started by two entrepreneurs inwith up to date and entertainment features and information broadcast 24×7 which was related to fashion only.

The Fashion Channel Case Solution, At the point when students have the English-dialect PDF of this Brief Case in a course-pack, they will likewise have the choice to buy an audio version. Th.

The fashion channel espanol
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