The justice of nuremberg essay

It should be, I believe, the final chapter by the United States in this case p, One Nazi war criminal who managed to evade justice and reside in the United States was Arthur Rudolph. In fact, German law, at that time, simply legitimized the massive deportations, enslavement and eventual execution of innocent civilians who the Nazis declared "enemies of the state".

Including killing of hostages, ill-treatment of civilians, use of forced labor and looting of public and private property and racial persecution. He made it clear that every defendant and organization on trial, would have all charges read and supported with evidence.

The Nuremberg Trials

It is enough to read the reports of the Nuremberg Trials to realize that all of Germany was the object of the bill of indictment Certain individuals in the United States government wished to execute all Nazis with no regard for "due process of law", however, Roosevelt, Jackson and other members of the IMT felt that the right to a fair trial morally separated the allied nations from totalitarian Germany.

If a court marshal was held instead of the IMT, the Nazis would have not been provided with adequate representation and the trials would not recognize the rights of the defendants the way the Nuremberg Trials did.

Their second argument was organizations worked independently of one another, in other words, each organization had its own goal, leadership and programs. They will follow all of your requirements and will meet your expectations.

Hess, on the other hand, feigned amnesia and avoided being cross-examined. Government and the Soviets coveted in order to work on the new aerospace technology.

Harper and Row, Goering claimed that afterhe had no involvement with the camps or any knowledge of their activities since Himmler took control of the concentration camps. It did not occur to the Prosecutors or the judges, or to anyone else that to decide that 70 million people were guilty was tantamount to saying that those 70 million were innocent Rassinier, p.

It was a response to such unprecedented crimes of brutality against innocent men, women and children throughout Europe. Furthermore if the U.

The third count set out that the defendants had a common plan to commit war crimes. The second count claimed the defendants engaged in a war of aggression. Their original intention was to deport him to West Germany to face war crimes charges, however, the West German Government did not want to have anything to do with his case.

The Tribunal found the SS formed concentration camps and systematically performed massive executions of the inmates. These innocent victims were forced to work for Rudolph and they lasted at most, six months until they died either of starvation, malnutrition or at the hands of SS guards p, The individual defendants were carefully selected so as to represent various segments of the Nazi regime.

Although it was well known that he was a chief in the Gestapo and committed many atrocities, he successfully avoided justice for thirty-three years. Rosenbaum asserts in his book, Prosecuting Nazi War Criminals: The worldwide scope of the aggression carried out by these men has left but few real neutrals Furthermore, the defense council argued there were several sub-divisions within each organization and they were also independent of one another.

Hundreds of witnesses have been examined in the courtroom and thousands of documents were reviewed. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services.Judgment at Nuremberg The Nuremberg trials took place between and and were used to judge the acts of over a hundred judges accused of committing war crimes.

Nuremberg Trials Essay

The movie "Trials at Nuremberg" dealt specifically with the justice trials. Nuremberg Trials Essay The Nuremberg Trials generally refers to the trials against members of the German leadership for war crimes committed in the period leading up to and during World War II.

The decision to try these individuals was made during the war. Essay on The Influence of the Nuremberg Trials on International Law. The Influence of the Nuremberg Trials on International Law The Nuremberg Trials were a critical point in the history of international law because it established the fact that humanity has the need of an international shield to shelter and protect.

The Nuremberg Trials More than half a century has passed since the end of World War Two and to this day it is still difficult to fully understand the severity of what was by far the most destructive war in human history.

The Holocaust Research Paper: Nuremberg Trials

Nuremberg, Germany, was ironically chosen for the trials, namely in the Palace of Justice. Prior to this, it was mainly used for Nazi ceremonies and was known as the place, where the Party was formed.

A Study Of The Nuremberg Main Trial International Law Essay In this essay the aptness of the indictments, the matter of jurisdiction and the legality in terms of the fair trial principle will be explored.

The justice of nuremberg essay
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