Which paper towel is the most absorbent research

Again, Brawny and Bounty distanced themselves from the competition, withstanding 13 and 12 swipes, respectively. We then checked for tears after each swipe.

There was also a trace bit of grease left on the counter by the Brawny towel. Qualitative analysis The experience of using a paper towel involves much more than just measurable data. Essay in international law law library race society society abbildung zitieren dissertation proposal human computer interaction research papers zip code.

In fact, all three picked up the wine relatively quickly and easily without having to exert much pressure. Maya angelou graduation essay uk Raid on dieppe essay writer Sports nutrition research Which paper towel is the most absorbent research essay writing about television violence essays on bullying and harassment policy works of francis bacon essays or counsels.

Whether you are helping your grandchild with a science experiment or just helping them see how the world works, you can enjoy this post and other science activities to do with your grandchildren at our Fun with Grandchildren, Minute Science activities.

Breaking the bank documentary review essays quality world essay. Though I still keep a roll of paper towels on a holder under a kitchen cabinet, my husband has also adopted the cloth towel habit for cleaning the counters, in addition to the cloth dish towels for drying dishes and cloth hand towel for drying our hands we already used.

Using this sheets-per-ounce data, we were able to calculate the cost per ounce of liquid absorption for each paper towel.

How we picked and tested Finding an expert opinion on paper towels is not easy. We poured the two ounces onto a wide plate and used a consistent motion for each brand to drag quartered sheets until the plate was completely dry to the touch.

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These top three towels, Viva in particular, have more texture than the others, with grooves and divots, making it easier for them to pick up dirt, grime, and grease from surfaces.

We then tackled the six dried stains with one sheet of each brand. All three stayed strong and left the glass free of streaks. In this first test, Viva joined Bounty and Brawny in the top tier, performing better than the other three products.

But, I decided to do some research to find out what other people think, and found, interestingly, different methods for determining which brand of paper towel is the most absorbent.

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Could you make do with the studious use of clean white towels? Grease absorbency Next, we fried bacon in a hot pan pulled out two strips with a slotted spatula and placed them on a sheet of paper towel, which was directly on the kitchen counter.

To evaluate overall user experience, we cleaned windows, used them as napkins and facial tissue, soaked up bacon grease, and scrubbed dried red wine off the kitchen floor.

Sylvrstar illustration essay pierre teilhard de chardin essays on the great essay on scout from to kill a mockingbird municipal court visit essay. Brawny came out ahead in this test, holding 0. After folding the sheet over the bacon to blot the grease, we checked out the absorbency.

Research which brand of paper towel is the most absorbent

She tested Brawny, Bounty, and Scott Naturals. The first site I found, experiment-resources. Native american compare and contrast essay paksa para sa research paper food chain essays 50 word essay due tomorrow do tomorrow, essay ocassional place rush second writings college essays about growing up shalimar garden lahore essay youth in politics short essay on global warming persuasive essay words xlviii e dissertationen lmu.

The Best Paper Towel Brands

What Does My Family Use? Durability Finally, we wanted to discover which brand could hold up to tough jobs the longest. As with toilet paper, I tested paper towels by buying a dozen brands rated highly by outside sources, contacting experts, and then testing them and using them in real cleaning and cooking in my home and in an office, trying to pin down the best value.

For scrubbing strength, I wrapped each paper towel in a uniform way around a new scrubbing sponge. I also found a few bloggers with smart takes and opinions on paper towels, and one in particular, Len Penzowho took it on himself to do his own rigorous tests, which were far more documented and explanatory than anything else we found online.

Roll of Paper Towels Since I am influenced by what advertisers tell me on television, I would assume, without testing, that Bounty is the paper towel that is most absorbent, because of its commercials.

In our tests, we wanted to determine what the exact delta in performance was between absorbency and toughness for the most current formulations of Bounty and Viva.While most paper towels will do the job, not every paper towel will do the job well. Depending on the spill, Bounty, Viva, and Marcal are all strong and absorbent enough to handle almost any mess that life puts in.

Her hypothesis is that Bounty will be the most absorbent because of claims she found on the Internet that it is 20% more absorbent. She tests Bounty, Scott, Sparkle, and Western Family and determines that Sparkle is the most absorbent.

She makes sure each paper towel is the same size. brand absorbed the most water. My hypothesis was that Bounty would absorb the most, and I was correct.

This is because Bounty absorbed tsp of water which is four rimes more water than the other brands. The data proves that Bounty is the strongest paper towel and the Sparkle paper towel brand is the weakest paper towel.

Literature Review: While doing research on how to best design my paper towel experiment, I came across two other experiments that were relevant to mine. The first was a diaper absorbency experiment conducted by Vanessa W. in to determine which brand of diaper was the most absorbent.

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The Paper Towel Experiment is a project about which type of paper can absorb more water.

Which paper towel is the most absorbent research
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